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March 25, 2018   
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Furniture Trends for 2008: Black meets white as a design statement

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By Kendall Holmes, Publisher
There's nothing subtle about one of the trendy color schemes in home furnishings for 2008.

In fact, the scheme is as stark as black and white.

"The black and white color palette is a major influence in today’s furniture," says Jackie Hirschhaut, vice president of the American Home Furnishings Alliance, a furniture industry trade association based in High Point, NC.

"The combination of black and white is timeless, enduring and essential. It’s one of the few key trends that transcends furniture style and price point."

Zebra Chest
from Laneventure

Tribeca Chair in Duval White leather
from American Leather

Designers say you can look for this color combo to emerge with prominence in retail home furnishings stores this spring.

Home furnishings designers have gone back to the basics – choosing black and white for their color palette inspiration. Crisp, clean white and dark, dramatic black have come together.

"This is a powerful combination," said Edward M. Tashjian, vice president of marketing for Century Furniture, in a press release. "Think about it: black is mystery and sophistication; white is purity and innocence. Yin and yang. Together, they represent wholeness and balance. Designers take this concept very seriously, and for good reason."

Designers say black and white furnishings are a foil for rooms full of color, providing visual balance while also being able to to work as a room's focal point or the background. They say that from contemporary to traditional styles, this classic color combination is versatile and can be used as an overall theme or just for dramatic accent.

And, while all-white was once reserved strictly for upper-end furnishings, high performance fabrics are making this hue practical – and popular – at upper-middle and middle price points, as well.

So what does the trend portend for furniture? Look for black-and-white checks, polka dots and hound’s-tooth patterns to become increasingly popular accent fabrics. Animal motifs such as zebra stripes and cowhides in this stark combination are being used as well.

Taking cues from the worlds of fashion, photography and home accents, home product designers are embracing the stylish sensibilities of black and white.

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