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March 25, 2018   


Thanks for visiting We help people find impartial and unbiased information about quality home furnishings and the companies who make that furniture and furnishings.

What exactly do we mean by "impartial" stories?

FurnitureplannersUnlike other informational web sites that write about home furnishings, we accept no payment for any of the product reviews or company profiles that appear on our site.

Put another way, we write about products and companies we find interesting.

So ours is an independent editorial voice.

And as nearly as we can determine, that makes us unique among sites that write about home furnishings.

Who we are is produced by Ken and Deb Holmes. We're the same team who founded and formerly published The Old House Web, a Forbes Magazine "Best of the Web" selection.

We also publish, a leading house plans site.

Our company is based in historic Gardiner, Maine. If you're ever in the area, feel free to give us a call and stop in to say hello.

What's inside

Inside you'll find:
  • Detailed information on thousands of companies that make or market furniture and other home furnishings. We tell you the types of products each company offers. We tell you how to contact companies by phone or mail, and where you can find them on the Web.
  • Hundreds of stories about individual pieces and lines of furniture and home furnishings. We tend to write stories about stuff we like ... things we'd appreciate having in our own homes. Whenever possible, we try to give you some idea of the cost of the items we write about. And through our company profiles, we try to show you how you can purchase products that interests you.
  • And we're slowly adding feature stories about trends in the home furnishings world, as well as stories to help you identify and select high-quality home furnishings.

Thanks again for visiting - and best of luck with your search!

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FurniturePlanners serves furniture shoppers with an independent editorial voice.
We accept no payment, placement fees or consideration for the product reviews and company profiles that appear on our site.

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